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A financial contribution towards your CPF: what does this new law involve?

New CPF Law: What You Need to Know

At Dynamo Langues, we are committed to keeping you informed about legislative changes concerning your Compte Formation (CPF). Here are the main changes brought by the new law, effective since May 2024.

Mandatory Financial Contribution

The new legislation requires a mandatory financial contribution of €100 for any use of CPF rights to finance training. This measure aims to make learners more responsible and to strengthen their commitment to their training journey.

Who Is Affected?

This contribution applies to most CPF users, with exceptions for job seekers and employees whose training is financed by their employer or an OPCO (Skills Operator). Training co-constructed with the employer and those related to work accidents or occupational diseases are also exempt.


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Other Provisions

In addition to the financial contribution, the new law aims to strengthen transparency and combat fraudulent practices. It specifically prohibits abusive commercial solicitation and regulates the use of subcontractors by training organizations. These measures aim to ensure a more effective and equitable use of the CPF for all beneficiaries.

Dynamo Langues and the CPF

Dynamo Langues is proud to be listed on the CPF platform, where you can find all our language courses and training programs. We invite you to explore our website to discover our offerings and use your CPF rights to finance your language learning.